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Our International Expertise in Verification Solutions

Our deep understanding of international markets, supported by our network of local partners, allows us to provide a global service, whether your development strategy is local or international. We rely on various verification techniques:
  • Document Verification,  
  • Biometric Verification,
  • Electronic Data Verification,
  • and Voice Print.
Our solutions

Our Integration Criteria:

Among the numerous international solutions emerging in recent years, we select and integrate those who are/have:
  • The most efficient/reliable,
  • The fastest response times,
  • The easiest to integrate,
  • The best prices
Our solutions

A unique, global solution on the market (GIV - Global ID Verification)

that allows you to integrate all or part of our solutions according to your company's needs:
  • Document Authentication
  • Biometric and live facial recognition
  • eIDV (Electronic ID Verification)
  • Voice Print
Our solutions